A Tribute to Doug Luzar

I was saddened last night to discover that an online friend and a true inspiration had passed through the veil on Sunday. He was 10 years and 1 day older than me, meaning he had just celebrated his 62nd birthday on Friday.

Doug Luzar was a multi-denominational minister, native flutist, and National Guard veteran. Every morning, his vast circle of friends on Facebook would be treated to his words of wisdom. He would say something from his heart to touch our own, and start our day off with clarity in who we were and why we were really here. His music was hauntingly beautiful, and it was clear that he played from the depths of his soul. He was a genuinely kind and loving person. The world is dimmer for his passing.

May he soar with the eagles and sit at the council of the wise elders around their campfires. He is already deeply missed by many.

Here is his sound-cloud site. I hope you'll take a moment to honor him by listening to one or more of his songs.

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