Monday Meditation: Of Eagles and Crows

I've been feeling a little out of sorts lately, particularly in my spiritual life. It's a sense of restlessness and disconnection that makes me question what it is I truly believe and what path I want to explore, if any. Over the holidays, I've put it on the back burner, not really wanting to deal with that right now, just wanting to clean up from the old year and prepare for the new.

Yesterday, my son and I were taking our dog for a walk, and one of my totems showed up, flying just overhead. My son said, "Mom, is that an eagle?" I absentmindedly replied, "M-hmm", while watching what this eagle was doing. My son said, "What's he doing all the way out here?"  He kept circling over my head in a more-or-less figure-8 pattern for a couple of minutes, and I said, "Being harassed by crows." One, then two, then four, then six crows showed up, tormenting him unmercifully. He eventually flew off, and the crows broke off their forcible escort, but I've been contemplating the meaning of that entire encounter since.

Eagle represents our connection to "Great Spirit" (or God/Goddess/Mystery, your choice of nomenclature gets inserted here).  Crows are not one of my totems, although I love them dearly.  Crow has many different representations, depending on the culture. For some, crow represents universal law. For others, they are either "good or bad" omens. They also represent The Morrigan, and I've had quite a few magical encounters with crows throughout my life.

In nature, crows are very territorial. This particular bunch ( I don't call them a 'murder'- the scientific name is 'flock') already dukes it out each week with the local hawks, who refuse to give up territory as well. Yesterday's encounter was the first time I'd seen an eagle in the area.

What does it all mean? I'm not exactly sure. I have some ideas. Clearly, I am being asked to address this disconnect I feel, and the struggle between the connection and the interpretation of that connection is evident through that interaction. It looks like a good time to cocoon for awhile and contemplate the lesson.

How about you? Do you ever see messages in nature? Do your totems speak to you like this or in another way? Post a comment or send me a message. I'd love to hear your story.

Sláinte! *

*Sláinte (pronounced SLAWN-shuh) means "to your good health" or as a general greeting/closing.


  1. I believe these come to us just when we need to slow down and take a look at something. I had an encounter with a heron that opened my eyes to some behavior I was repeating. It helped me take control and move on with my life. The messages are there, we just have to stop and see them. I hope you get yours resolved.

  2. Nature speaks to us all! A blessed encounter! I regard crows as messengers. An eagle can't fly free and catch food with those minor annoyances everywhere! (Read crows) Patience is the message I get too. Nice to meet you after reading you!And don't those silly ad posts make you laugh!? Monday Blessings from Oregon state!♡☆

  3. I remember being thrilled to the bone to see the Heron as my totem for the East when you did my reading. I have loved them since I was a little girl. When I see one, I *always* feel that it is there for a reason. They move with grace whether in flight or fishing; they have a deliberate, precise way of taking care of business. When I see them, I am reminded how beautiful the world is, how lovely our every day tasks can be if we look at them the right way, and how wonderful it is to be adaptable to different situations. They bring blessings on their widespread wings. <3

  4. I also believe that eagles are messengers from spirit. On Jan 3rd I was doing Celtic cross reading for the new year when a bald eagle flew into my willow tree. It only stayed long enough for me to get my binoculars to confirm it's white head, as the day was dark and gray. I've been out of sorts lately, so that gave my spirit a lift. I think it was reminding me that spirit is still backing me up even when it seems absent from my life. By the way, are you still doing readings? The links to your readings seem messed up.

    1. Hi Connie!
      Thank you for alerting me to the button issue for payment on the site. Yes, I'm still doing readings! Let me know if you'd like one. Hug yourself for me!


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