My Favorite Links


13 moons  -  online pagan shopping site
Alchemy Works - for hard-to-find items
Bell Pine Art Farm - adorable images in clay
Blackthorn Hoodoo Blends- best teas around, made by one of the best witches I know :)
The Candle Cauldron -complete candlemaker's resources
Crow Steals Fire - Pagan and Witchery Jewelry
Exclusively Yours Designs and Marketing- web design and marketing help for everyone!
Leave Them in Stitches- hats, scarves, sweaters, all made by a very crafty witch!
Sacred Source - statuary
Soma Luna - for exotic decor
Sosanna's Closet- phenomenally hand-crafted items, pottery, witch-wear and more!


The Official Site of Ly De Angeles (Kallan's favorite author)
The Official Site of Charles De Lint (Kallan's second favorite author)
The Official Site of Dorothy Morrison
The Official Site of Judika Illes
The Official Site of Laurie Cabot
The Official Site of Raven Grimassi
The Official Site of Samantha Curtin
The Official Site of Selena Fox


Cu Dubh
Omnia - Kallan's favorite Pagan band
YouTube's Pagan Music Selections- video/music
Willow Firesong's Pagan Yule Carols- lyrics


Hemlock and Garnet - you won't believe her talent!
Dryad Design- Paul Borda- art and statuary
Carol Ochs- art and artisan soaps


Academy for Ancient Texts
ADF Druidry
Celtic Reconstructionism
Ireland Now
Irish Texts Archive
Meadows of Elfhame
Moon Muses
Mysterious Britain and Ireland
Mything Links
Rheinwood Hearth Kindred
StarDrenched- Francesca De Grandis
The Encyclopedia Mythica
Timeless Myths
Traditional Witch
Wedensbury Shire

Herbs and Gardening