About This American Witch

Kallan Kennedy  is a wild witch and writer from Irish/Greek (Celtic) origins  living  in Northeastern Maryland, USA. She has served the community in  several capacities as Editor-in-Chief of The Sunday Stew for six  years, and sponsor of Samhain's Sirens for four. Both projects were  laid to rest in 2015. She is currently doing artful things and playing  in the woods.

 She holds a degree in Religion and Philosophy, and is working on  degrees in English and History. She is both an ordained minister and  a U.S. Navy veteran.

 She is an INFJ on the MBTI personality descriptors, adventurer, bibliophile, and baking enthusiast who loves learning, science, religion, philosophy, geography, anthropology, politics, peppermint, her children and grandchildren, friends and friends who are family, being outdoors, animals,  walking, hiking, and the earth. 

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