Monday Meditation: Dirty Secrets

I confess: I did it. I waited as long as possible, but I couldn't hold off any longer. Other wild witches will forgive me, because they understand. There is a need to connect with the land that is almost overwhelming. I had to put my hands in the soil.

I have two flower-box areas that span the front of my home. I moved in here in late autumn, when the time for sowing and reaping was over. The time for frost seems to have passed, and I couldn't wait to get to know this place from a plant-whisperer's perspective. My fingers were itching to put plants in the ground.

I've had some hints as to what I might discover, just from viewing the lay of the land. My house sits below street level, as my front yard slopes down from it. This told me that I'd have to deal with the effects of impervious surface runoff.  The house has forced-air heat, meaning there is a gas tank in the ground, and I noticed that the two trees at the end of my driveway, also sit just above that gas tank who have branches that are rotting.

My landlord's wife mentioned to my son that she wants to spray weed killer on the growing number of dandelions, and said she wanted to talk to me about that. She's a very kind person, so I have to imagine she is ignorant of the reason for their presence.

Red clover is in abundance in the front garden boxes. As I began to pull up some of the weeds, the soil began to speak, and I listened intently.

The soil needs to rest and recover. The run off from the street, the years of chemical weed killers, and mass-planting over the last 20+ have stripped it bare. The red clover is there to help heal it, and the dandelions in the back yard are doing the same. The earth knows what it needs, and my role is to help facilitate it.

I pulled up those plants that were draining nutrients, and left the ones that were supposed to be there. I then went to the local store and bought cedar mulch to cover her and let her rest. I promised the land I'd do what I can to help for as long as I am here.

I remember when I first saw this place- I felt the call of the forest and the soil. I knew I was meant to be here, although I wasn't exactly sure why. Listening, healing, protecting... these are what being a witch is all about.

The earth will share her secrets and desires to a soul who is willing to listen.

Kallan Kennedy is a lifelong free-thinker, truth-seeker, and wild-warrior witch. A military veteran, martial artist, writer, teacher and public speaker; she is a child of The Morrigan, and a tarot/totem intuitive with a degree in Religion and Philosophy. Connect with her via  The Secret Life of the American Witch Facebook page,  or email her here.

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  1. That is, indeed, the curse of renting. You can only do so much, and sometimes have no control over landlord actions! I do believe you are supposed to be there.


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