Monday Meditation: Lord Logos and His Bombardment

Logos: "In ordinary, non-technical Greek, logos had a semantic field extending beyond "word" to notions such as, on the one hand, language, talk, statement, speech, conversation, tale, story, prose, proposition, and principle; and on the other hand, thought, reason, account, consideration, esteem, due relation, proportion, and analogy." ~Wikipedia

Logos is the Lord of western society. We are constantly assailed with words, speeches, statements, analogies, articles, opinions, etc..,

One only has to look at the misuse of logos today, it is no wonder people seem burned out. Words are being abused and redefined so much that they lose their meaning, as well.

Words are potent; language is powerful. A Jewish rabbi once told me that we are only given a certain number of words to say in this life, and that we should use them wisely.

For many people's ancestors, nothing was written down for thousands of years. Everything was spoken. Thus, words were more powerful.

Seannachi (story-tellers, bards, poets of Celtic society) could curse someone or things with words (and were greatly feared by the people for that power).. one could completely destroy a reputation within moments of speaking.. and reputation was what you lived by.

In more recent generations, a person's word was his/her bond. Deals were struck and kept by that word.

The power of logos is minimized by its overuse, or speaking/writing without true intention.

Human beings need a break from words at times. In martial arts, and forms of meditation, people are taught the "thought-no thought" philosophy. It is important to hone the skill of simply being. This is the reset button, or way of "clearing the cache" from the bombardment.

It takes discipline and practice, but the end result is balance, peace and empowerment.

It's something to consider...



  1. You hit the nail on the head! We have been bombarded with so many sound bites, so much double speak, that we no longer trust the words we hear and see written on the page. We can only start reclaiming the power of words by using them ourselves with the integrity they deserve and by not using them at all during the times we need to check back in with our inner guidance. Thank you for bringing this out!


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