Witchy Wednesday:Jupiter Returns

Today, Jupiter stations direct today, finally. It's been Rx since December 8. Jupiter is one of my favorite planets, and I was born on its day of the week (Thursday). Jupiter is the planet of luck and expansion, so be prepared for your plans to start moving forward at a much faster pace. Colors for Jupiter are royal blue and deep purple.

Many of you have seen the famous Nat Geo photo of Laurie Cabot's coven drawing down Jupiter energy. If not, here it is:

National Geographic has studied this photo ad-nauseum trying to figure out what caused that lightning bolt-like image. Laurie explained that they had called upon the energy of Jupiter. That should settle it, but of course, that' no explanation for those who cannot believe in the power of magic and intent.

I'm planning to welcome Jupiter back in style tonight. I've missed the energy, and I'm happy to get ready for some movement.

How about you?

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