Thursday's Child: Empowering Women Now?

Throughout the history of human existence, whenever a group of people live together, rules have been established to assist them in peaceful coexistence. It's an integral part of societal living, yet there is also a certain amount of brainwashing that goes with it. Men and women today are continually sent messages as to how they should look, act, and behave in order to gain success, a partner, and happiness. This plays out in our social media every day, and there comes a time when those messages become counter-intuitive to that societal peace.

Case in point:

I ran across this meme the other day from a group called "Empowering Women Now". It's a complete contradiction to that phrase.

Too often in western society, women have this message shoved down their collective throat on a daily basis. We're supposed to want a "fixer-upper", an "unfinished product", someone who is broken and can only be mended through our unconditional love. This is dangerous, not only to women, but to men as well.

 Women are given the message that broken men need them from a young age. How many times have young girls been told that boys who hit them, kick them, pull their hair, tease them, etc.. are just doing it because they like them? Society sets women up to take abuse and see it as something beautiful.

Young men are taught that women are weaker, and that being emotional is something for which they should be ashamed. "You hit like a girl!" "Run away and cry like a little girl!" Making the message clear that little girls are not to be emulated or admired.

To say that a woman is "afraid" to date a man who's a work in progress is outrageous. This is the exact type of message that so many feminists (both male and female) have been trying to overcome for so long.

So, this wild witch is going to empower both sexes right now with some words of hard-earned wisdom.

Young men: 

  • No one is responsible for your happiness but you. All human beings are a "work in progress", and you should foster your own intellectual and spiritual curiosity in order to mature and grow. 
  • Hitting, kicking, punching, teasing, and/or bullying young girls/women is for cowards. Be willing to express yourself through words. In truth, women have always loved the poets. 
  • It's not only okay to cry, it's highly encouraged and a physically/emotionally healthy thing to do.
  • Little girls hit and run very well. If you're ever accused of hitting (a baseball, preferably) or running like one, say, "Thank you!"
  • As you grow older, if you want a partner in life (male or female), find the things you have in common and do not expect this person to serve you or your needs. He/She should enhance your life, not complete you. You are complete as you stand right now.

Young women: 

  • Do not tolerate abuse from anyone. Boys who hit/kick/shove/tease you aren't worthy of your attention. If they can't use their words to talk to you, they aren't ready for someone as amazing as you.
  • Being a girl is a wonderful experience- don't allow anyone to tell you differently. You can be strong and sensitive. You can hit a baseball out of the park and run like the wind. You can cry over the death of a butterfly and sing its soul to the Otherworld. If someone thinks that's "silly" or "crazy", he/she isn't worthy of your time.
  • All human beings are a "work in progress"- what you really need to know is if his progress is on par with your own. You want a partner, not a project. 
  • You are needed- by the world, by your family, by your friends, by society. You're needed to be whole, strong, sassy, or silent as it suits you. But, you are not needed to be someone's doormat, punching bag, scapegoat, or emotional dumping ground. 
  • As you grow older, if you want a partner in life (male or female), find the things you have in common and do not believe that you have to fix this person or if you just loved him/her enough, this person would blossom into the guy/gal of your dreams. That's not how this works- it's not how ANY of this works. 

Empowering women now means teaching them not to fall for emotional blackmail, shaming, and worn-out societal memes that tell them to fix someone or support a partner who can't support him/herself. Men and women both need to be empowered to be strong and sensitive; and to continually strive to improve themselves as individuals first, then to find partners who are on the same wavelength. This is how a society is strengthened and improved. This is how we can live in peace.


  1. And since when is it okay to call other people "products"??? How does whoever wrote that bull***t meme think that telling someone to lower their standards - because that is what they mean, settling for less than you need in your life - is empowering to anyone? That picture is so full of manure you could grow roses on it.

    I know a handful of women who will go about telling everyone how they love their partner because of their imperfections ... and then keep replacing them with other people who are just as "imperfect" ... because they are constantly trying to "fix" their partners and turn them into the "people they are meant to be" instead of accepting them as humans with their own ideas and lives and plans.

  2. I kept flashing back to the Beauty and the Beast story while I was reading. He was a Beast, and Beauty's love made him a man. Pretty messed up if you ask me. I don't want to "fix" or "complete" anyone, and our society has set that situation up as the ideal. Spot on bit of ranting there Sis, love you.

  3. I can't stand when someone says they are looking for the one that completes them. Not only does it gag me, it infuriates me! I'm not a partial person and I am not looking for a partial person in search of 'completion'.

    It is everyone's responsibility to be the best person they can be, with or without a partner. To some degree, we are all flawed but that doesn't mean we put the responsibility for "fixing us" on another person's shoulders.

    Well said!!!


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