Monday Meditation: The Summer Solstice

The 2016 summer solstice, also known as Midsummer, officially arrives at 6:34 pm today on the East Coast of the U.S.. That's about two hours before the sun goes down at 8:34 pm.  On the day of the summer solstice, the north pole is at its maximum tilt toward the sun, and the sun reaches its highest point in the sky all year, causing more light to reach our planet. For my area, the longest day will actually be Thursday, as the sun will rise at 5:36am and set at 8:35pm. Semantics, really.

I once was a summer child, reveling in the school break, hot days spent at a pool or the river, getting tan, eating all of the lovely summer fruits, picnics, barbecues, et al...  I still love the thunderstorms.

Everything has a season. Summer is meant to be boisterous, bold, loud, and fruitful. It is the zenith of youth, where it marries adulthood, and produces strength and beauty. Its arrival should be celebrated with abandon. It is so short-lived, that enjoying every moment is mandatory. On this day, it has reached its peak. In a few days, the sun will begin to rise later, marking the downhill run to autumn and harvest. Tonight, the lightning bugs will dance in numbers not seen before nor again this season. The Fair Folk will be mischieving about, and magic will flourish.

Dance with the gods. Sing your beautiful song. Rejoice in the life you have been given. Feel your connection to all that is. This is your night. Enjoy it to its fullest.


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