Monday Meditation: Dauntless Update, 1st Quarter

It's almost the end of March, and as we come to the end of this first quarter, I am checking in on my theme of being "Dauntless" in 2015. For those who read this blog regularly (thank you!), you'll recall that instead of making New Year's goals or resolutions, I chose to go with a theme. So far, I'm really liking this 'theme' idea.

When I've found myself in a dilemma or I don't necessarily want to do something, I am reminded of my theme, and take action accordingly. Unlike working toward a goal, this is living out a keynote, and it's much easier to do.

In my original January post, I chose several tools with which to build upon this 'Dauntless' theme.
So far, here's where I am:

I created a Pinterest board, and have been pinning things to it that remind me of what I want to accomplish this year, or things that fall into the theme's category.

I created my Dauntless Jar, and have been adding at least one or two notes every week that express how I fulfilled that theme.

Blogging: Yes, as evidenced here. I also reinstated The Sunday Stew over on Imramma.

Writing: Eh, nothing even started on a book yet. I still intend to do this, though. I'll be working on that very soon.

Teaching: I have a couple of classes that I'm going to try on Imramma. It'll be more in the late spring timeframe.

Routine: It needs some work there. I'm trying to institute an exercise program in the mornings (when it has the most effect), starting tomorrow. I work from 7am-4pm Monday -Friday, and my work location is a 45 minute commute. So, trying to get it all timed right is taking a little longer than I had hoped, but I am getting there..

"Me" days. I've had a couple of them here and there, but this also needs some tweaking and I need to stick to it. I will say that I'm doing much better this year than I ever have.

Lest you think this is all peaches and creamy goodness, I will tell you that I've had to make some seriously tough decisions so far.

I've had to disconnect from family members who refused to respect me or my boundaries;

I've had to enforce and sometimes reinforce these same boundaries where both family and coworkers are concerned, and as someone who really doesn't like confrontation, I have no hesitation in being confrontational where the situation warrants. Most times, I simply walk away from the situation, but now, I'm standing my ground. And, I'm finding that most people are respecting me more because of it.

I'm working toward living my dream of being a full-time writer. I am learning to appreciate each day and the lessons it brings.

I'm confronting situations head-on where I used to ignore them, and 'nipping them in the bud' before they blow up out of proportion.

It's been enlightening and very empowering for me so far. It's also like exercising. When I first start out, I'm wiped out- muscles I didn't even know existed hurt. My body screams out against it and asks me what it did to offend me that I would put it through such torture. It comes to a critical juncture where I have to decide if I'm willing to push past it and do what's right for me, or if I'm going to give up. When I push past it, amazing things happen. I start feeling better, have more energy, etc... With this theme exercise, I've been to the crossroads several times.

Being dauntless is definitely not for the faint of heart. But, I'm finding that by exercising this courage-muscle, I feel stronger every day.

How about you? For those of you who chose to go with a theme, check in. Are you struggling? Did you give up (no judgment if you did)? What are some tips you have to share with others?

Thanks so much for your support through this year. It means more than this writer can express.


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