#Witchy_Wednesday: Mantology

Mantology (n) The act or art of divination.

In most magical practices I've seen, there is at least one (more than one for most) form of divination.

I used the picture here, because it's usually what people who aren't practicing think of.. that or a woman in similar dress with a crystal ball. Because people have taken money in exchange for services rendered, it's yet another practice that has been minimized and marginalized to the point of it being a joke in some circles.

Divination is a very ancient practice. It dates back to the earliest civilizations and has many different forms.

 The High Priests of Egypt and Judea used divination. It's even in the bible ( Ephod- Urim and Thummim, Joseph- who became Pharoah's right-hand man by the use of divination, Moses casting lots, Micah 3:5-6 where God pretty much tells Micah that he is being punished by having his divination taken from him, etc...).

Most of us who use divination find that we have a preferred method by which we connect to Spirit(s). Some methods are as follows (I'll only use a few here.. the list is long):

  • crystal ball
  • tarot cards
  • dice
  • runes
  • bones
  • feathers
  • water
  • mirror
  • fire
  • dreams
  • patterns in nature
  • tea leaves
  • coffee grounds
  • garden tools
  • planetary movements
  • soil, rocks, sand
  • boards (like Ouija)

I tend to connect best by using Tarot cards. How about you? Do you practice divination? If so, what form? Any tips for new-comers? Any advantages/disadvantages to practicing mantology you'd like to share?


  1. I use a few different methods but my main one is just setting at the base of a tree and letting it all just come to me while holding the article (if I'm reading for someone else).
    I like fire scrying, but it's best for me in front of outdoor built fire. I built a fire pit in our backyard so I could bring more fire closer into my life.
    For quick reads I always use a pendulum. :D

    Personally I think a pendulum is one of the best methods for new-comers.

    I've never experienced and disadvantages, only advantages.


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