Thursday's Child: Full Moon in Virgo

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It's a Full "Storm" Moon on a Thor's Day, and there's a winter storm named "Thor" coming through. I'm taking a break from my usual Thursday's Child series to simply talk about the Full Moon and the Witchy things that some of us do on the Full Moon.

Generally speaking, those of us who utilize the moon's cycles for spiritual growth and connection tend to set our intentions for the month at the New Moon. This is where we choose what we want to work on and how we want to get there over the month. At the Full Moon two weeks' later, we review where we are and make adjustments accordingly. Those of us who do spell-work also utilize the energy of the full moon for certain intentions.

Tonight's moon is tiny. “At 2:33 a.m. EST, the moon stands 252,516 miles (406,384 kilometers) from Earth’s center,” says. “This makes tonight’s full moon the smallest of 2015.”
According to, this is called a "mini" or "micro" moon, about 30,000 miles farther away from Earth than September's Harvest moon in 2015. It may be tiny, but it's still packed with energy.

Here are some links to peruse if you're interested in learning more about the magic of this moon.

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When the moon is in Virgo (and it goes void at 1:33pm EST today, then stays that way for the rest of the evening), it's a good time to do work on employment, intellectual, and health/fitness concerns.

Whatever you choose to do, connect and enjoy!


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