Monday Meditation: Mercury Rx Lessons

Mercury retrogrades several times in a year. It can be annoying, challenging, and downright awful at times. Mercury's Rx is the time when we review, relax, and recharge ourselves, and if we take the time to pay attention, the lessons it brings can help us with our personal growth.

The main theme from this last rx seems to be "what doesn't grow corn for me anymore?" particularly in the area of social media. I've seen quite a few people giving their notice that they are either limiting their online time, or cutting it out all together. While varying slightly, their reasons are a craving for more offline/in-person interactions.

Social media is a powerful tool and a great medium for communication. Many of us would never have met, or been exposed to the variety of cultures that our online friendships bring. We get news faster than through traditional mediums like newspapers and television. We sharpen our wit and communication skills through online groups, hangouts, etc...

On the flip-side of that coin, it can also be a breeding ground for disinformation, miscommunication, and online bullying. Internet addiction disorder is still being discussed (it is not in the DSM-5 manual used by psychologists), but anecdotally speaking, it can become a problem for some. When used as an escape from offline life, it can interfere with relationships, jobs, and daily responsibilities.

Now that Mercury's Rx is past us, it's time to review the lessons we've learned. What did we notice during that time that needed to be changed? Did our computers go wonky? Maybe that's a message that we're over-communicating. Did the car break down? Maybe we're spending too much time on the go and not enough in quiet contemplation. Did an old relationship issue rear its ugly head? Time to fix it or forget it.

Take some time this week to contemplate your Mercury Rx lessons, then act on your lightbulb moments. Don't worry. If you decide not to make those changes, you can always revisit them when Mercury goes retrograde again September 17-October 9 ;)



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