Thursday's Child: There are days...

There are days when I feel like it's nothing but struggle. In my introductory post, I explained that for years, I thought "Thursday's Child has far to go" meant that I'd always have to fight to get anywhere. Sometimes, it's like I'm knee-deep in quicksand and mud, while wearing combat boots with 50 lb weights. It can be wearying, and I want to give up.

I know I'm not alone in this. Everyone feels this way, at times. Somehow, that just isn't comforting. This is about ME, not the nebulous, "rest of the world". I want to wallow in self-pity, hide under the covers, and just let it all fall apart. Wouldn't that be nice? Let someone else be responsible, for once.

No, I know I can't. If I did, I'd just have to clean up the mess and go through it all over again- and, that thought is even more formidable than trudging through the mire. It's not that failure isn't an option. Surrender is what's out of the question. It isn't in my DNA. I have to keep going, because that's who I am. I have people and other creatures depending on me. There's no time for wallowing, here.

So, *deep breath* pick up left foot- put it down;repeat with the right. Eventually, it'll get better. If nothing else, these legs are going to be in seriously good shape when I get out of here. And, isn't mud good for the skin? Hell, rich folks pay big money to bathe in this stuff!

Ok, I can do this...

Beannú na déithe's n'aindhéithe ort
("The blessings of the gods and the non-gods upon you".)

Thursday's child is a series of blog posts where I examine what it means "to go far". I hope you'll join me in this exploration each week.

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