Dauntless Update: Touched by a Goddess ;)

Sharon Aven Rawson
At the beginning of this year, I chose to go with a theme, rather than a set of goals. My theme was "Dauntless", which means showing fearlessness and determination. I had an idea for creating a jar where I'd write down all of the dauntless things I'd done, and then compile a list at the end of the year.

My jar was pretty lame, to be honest. I didn't put much creativity or effort into it, because I really wasn't able to capture it. I'm a writer who kind of plays with crafty stuff.. not an artist who writes.

A couple of weeks' ago, I happened to catch a glimpse of one of Sharon Rawson's wish jars from her shop, Touch of the Goddess, and it hit me- I could ask her if she might create me a Dauntless jar on commission! Being the ever-gracious artist/shop owner that she is, she was more than happy to accommodate.

I explained my Dauntless theme, and told her that I'd prefer not to give her specifics. I wanted to give her leeway to use her own creativity- that's where the magic happens!

She messaged me to let me know that it was completed last week. She explained that she wanted to honor both my naval service and my Celtic heritage. The word "Dauntless" reminded her of a fine ship, and that's where the inspiration took her.

My jar arrived yesterday and I couldn't be happier. Take a look!

She even created a poem to go with it:

She was Dauntless
sailing the seas of life
Heart first.
The integrity of her core
strong from tests
of rough seas
and hidden ice.
Sails filled with the winds
that blew her way,
tacking and jibing
a course to her destination,
she stayed true to her path.
Filling the decks
with her Celtic song,
breathing in the salt scent
of her passage,
she made her way
to ports known
and not.
The anchor used
but sparingly.
Her Soul knowing
that for her,
the journey
was the purpose.

 The attention to detail on this jar is amazing. I am honored to have this stunning creation in my possession. There were some other lovely extras that were sent as well, but those get to be my little secret. If you want a jar, you should totally go check out her selection, or commission her to make you one. If I go with another theme next year, I'm so going to get her to make me another one!

Be sure you like her Facebook page and make it one of your "see firsts" in your newsfeed by clicking on the arrow next to Liked, then select "See First".

Thank you so much, Sharon! My beautiful jar is in its special place of honor, filled with my dauntless acts to date. I couldn't be more thrilled!


  1. Oh, thank you so much for the great review1 But, more than that, I am so honored that you love it!

    1. Thank YOU, Sharon. It's just lovely.. and thank you for all of the special goodies that came with it, too! What a lovely surprise!

  2. I know how talented Sharon is and am proud to call her friend. Her writing is inspirational, and the artistic talent she shows is so awesome!


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