Flashback Friday: 13 Things for Pagans To Do This Weekend

We Pagans are fun people. Our rituals are usually entertaining (I've never seen anyone fall asleep at one!), outdoors, and the food is amazing. Since most of us don't have a weekly service we attend, sometimes the in-between weekends can leave us trying to figure out what to do. I realize that this is Mother's Day weekend, but not everyone is a mom or has a mom around, so I think it's a perfect time for an article like this. You can do these solo, with your mom, or with your family/friends. None of these require you to have a lot of money, either.  Enjoy!

1. Go for a walk in the woods. Bring a crystal, a stone, some dried herbs, etc... and give an offering back to Nature. If you bring seeds, please be sure they are native and will not disturb the ecosystem in the area.

2. Drumming. If you don't have drums, why let that stop you? Create your own percussion section out of different household items.

3.  Create a homemade masterpiece, statue or altar piece out of clay. Want to make your own? http://chemistry.about.com/od/chemistryactivities/a/modeling_clay_recipes.htm

4. Create a playlist just for dancing, then dance!

5. Create a playlist for singing, and sing your heart out. If you have friends/family to share with, have a karaoke contest!

6. Have a baking contest with friends/family. Split up into teams and judges and bake (apply to bbq, chili, name your favorite foods- or, make it a meal) your favorite foods, then have a feast!

7. Create a Park Cleanup Day! Bring trash bags, split up into teams and go clean a local park. If you do it as a Pagan Group, see if your local paper will cover it and give us Pagans some good press! ;)

8. Make a vision board! Need some ideas and how to's?


9. Create an "I Love Me" jar! Write down things you love about yourself (you can get friends and family to write up things they love about you too) on paper.. cut into individual strips and put into a jar (totally decorate that jar, too!). This can become your daily affirmation jar or one you use for when you might be feeling down.

10. Volunteer to work at a nature center, an animal rescue site, or a homeless shelter. Doing good things for the world is good for the soul! You'd be surprised at how flexible they are.. if you only can or want to work for a couple of hours on a weekend, you're still making a huge difference!

11. Make your own coat of arms! https://www.makeyourcoatofarms.com/

12. Go camping. Indoors or out. Indoors, you can make your own tent out of blankets and chairs, make some fun foods and just have a movie night. Outdoors, you can camp in your own back yard if you like, have a campfire on the grill or firepit, sing, roast marshmallows and look at the stars.

13. The Earth is Mother to us all. Send her a Mother's Day card by doing something kind for her. Write her a love note and read it out loud to her. Plant something native to your area, clean up, reduce waste, replace lightbulbs, etc... even one small change you make this weekend honors Her.

I hope you've found these ideas helpful!
Have a fantastic Friday and a wonderful weekend!


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