Review: The Witches Almanac Coloring Book

This was a fun book to review, since it involved coloring. When I opened up the package, I was pleased to see that there were colored pencils in the package. What I wasn't so pleased about was that the coloring pencils have a label on them.

"WARNING: This product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects and other reproductive harm"

Thankfully, I have my own colored pencils that are not toxic, and there's no danger of me being pregnant or reproducing further (5 children is enough, thank you).  Putting aside the fact that I was forced into accepting toxic tools, I opened up the book itself to see what the Witches' Almanac had created. I must confess, I am a Witches' Almanac addict. I have been collecting these almanacs since 2003.

Above is the table of contents. For those of you who've never read a Witches' Almanac, they are famous for their amazing artwork, as well as stories, moon planting, astrology, etc... one of the distinguishing art styles that they feature is woodcuts.

Forgive my picture-taking in these. It's difficult to keep a new coloring book open and take a photo. I'm a witch- I didn't say I was coordinated ;)

This is blurry on purpose. I want to show you features- not give away their information. They open each of their sections with a description of what's to come, and some folklore/history. It's very cool.
I colored the following one, because I adore Day of the Dead artwork.

There's even a Tarot section to color. It's not a mandala-type coloring book, but kids/adults of all ages will have fun with this. Here's a link if you want to order one for yourself. Enjoy!


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