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Meme of the Week

A Pagan Call to Peaceful Res/Revo lution 

by Ly De Angeles
Photography Arian Levanael (2015)

"I read an article written by a journalist on their thoughts at being invited to a public samhain gathering. It is offensive that the stereotyping of crone, nudity and angsty teen movie actors are how they introduce the article. Paganism is a generic term, most certainly and we all know that, but many of us have hopefully studied and employed vast scholarship to this mysticism. Many of us have traced our ancestry to our indigenous European roots where myth, art, poetry, song, legend the tapestries of tree lore and animal knowledge are woven into spaces within brutal and consumerist cultures.
Through this knowledge and wisdom we are able to offer stories and connection to those of other cultures who, without appropriate sharing, must lump us all together as a bunch of bloody white, mostly privileged, middle class people trying hard to have some kind of significance when, in truth, we have nothing. Not without deep and honest lore.
This true ancestral information is almost forgotten, buried beneath the ash of Abrahmanic dominance. We pay attention to other voices than the propaganda of media. We hear mountains for goodness sake. We are oceans seeking a breath beneath plastic islands. Tony Mierzwicki, I thank you deeply for posting that article.
It is time, however, that those of us celebrating the seasons of our ancestors write new stories to add to the feasts. Repeating material written by Doreen Valiente almost a hundred years ago is no longer vital. Mimicking memes for the sake of sounding like we're with an in-crowd.
I raised a challenge a while back (see below) and I am still willing to get to Ireland before the close of the Gregorian 2016 calendar.
I suggest an equivalent to a gorsedd. I know I have material to share. Anyone? If you know someone to whom this is a significant topic get in touch. I will summon us a community here x

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In the News

Disclaimer: These are not authored by me, nor are these necessarily articles with which you may agree or believe. These are meant to provoke thought and discussion. These are out there, on the net, and are being read daily.

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This Week's Totem: Crow

Crow, as a totem, has different meanings to different cultures. Crow is the keeper of Sacred Law- not man-made law, but the Universal Law. Crow is a master of illusion. Crow people must walk their walk and talk their talk. Crows are seen as guardians of ceremonial magic and healing. In some cultures, crows are considered bad omens. Of course, you can bet that I'm not one who ascribes to that. Crows have always kept me from making mistakes, or warning me against danger or that something was happening with my family.

In my experience, crows interact differently with different people, which is why I believe there are so many different ways of viewing them. They are the smartest of all birds. They can not only recognize human faces, but will pass that information along to their young- to the 3rd generation down- particularly, if the humans are unkind to them. A human will be marked by crows as good or bad and then it will take at least 3 generations for that human to be given a chance again. I find myself to be  a lot like them. I am not one who forgives and forgets. I tend toward just cutting people out of my life and moving on, steering very clear of those folks in the future. If you are a Morrigan Child, crows will be with you through your life for various reasons, as they are Her totem.

Overall, Crow's message is about change and manifesting it in your life. If you have been working toward a goal, Crow shows up to tell you that it's just about time for things to come to fruition. More than ever, you should pay attention to the omens and signs around you. Crow could also be warning you that you are either spreading yourself a bit too thin, or that you need to stop scattering your energy and focus on what you really want to manifest in your life.

Crows see the world cross-eyed. This is important, because Crow may be asking you to change your perspective in order to manifest your desires. Look at everything from different angles, and see changes you might need to make to bring you what you want.

Remember that Universal Law is not the same as what we think of as "reality". You can bend the laws of physics with your will. Crow can show you how if you are willing to be open to its teachings.


This week's meditation is from Cu Dubh. The song is called "Hrafn"

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  1. That's so funny! Yesterday a crow came and visited us while we were in a parking lot in town. He was trying to get into a trash can. It was so cool to watch him actually hover in mid air to figure out how the cover worked. <3


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